The Company

Fruktjuice is a producer of juices, lemonades, table drinks and glögg (nordic christmas drink) for large scale consumers in the HoReCa buisiness. The factory of 2500 square meeters is located in Enköping, 70 km west of Stockholm. Our market for these products are primarly Sweden, thought we export somewhat to our neighbours Finland, Denmark and Norway.

In 2005 Fruktjuice started development and manufacture of flavours as an alternative source of flavours for our manufacture of drink concentrates.

Having two flavour chemist in house, one with over 30 years working for international flavour houses and the other with extensive knowledge of the Nordic market, we embarked on a project to create a series of flavours using only original flavourings and not just diluting and blending flavours from larger flavour manufactures.


Beeing a small company with low costs, compared to the mighty international flavour houses, we can offer flavours at attractive prices with short delivery times whitout any minimum order requirements.

If YOU think that we can be an alternative supplier please contact us for samples and prices.