Using our extensive knowledge and experience with fruit juices we have developed a range of fortifies juices for use in ice cream, sugar confectionary and bakery industries.

Juices even at low concentrations impart a fuller rounder flavour. Mouthfeel, which is an important part of any product apprasial, is also improved by the addition of fruit juices.

We naturally provide Fruit Bases composed to meet specific need, whether it is flavour profile, acid levels, colours ot the addition of other components.


As mentioned before; we are no blenders we are explorers using only original flavorings to meet our common goal – to provide the customer with strong exclusive cost efficient flavours. Producing the flavours this way makes us independent of what the mighty international flavour houses do.

If YOU think that we can be of interest to your company. Please ask for samples and prices.

FRUKTJUICE give you that something extra tastefull